Two Worlds (Magazine)
Spiritualist monthly magazine, founded in 1887 as a weekly
newspaper in Manchester, England, by Emma Hardinge Britten.
(Another weekly paper under the same title was started in
London in 1858 at the beginning of the movement in England
but lasted for only a brief period.) It was, for many years, the
voice of Spiritualists in the north of England (the movement
being dominated at the time by the London centers). It was edited
for some time by Ernest W. Oaten. Beginning in the 1930s
it had as its major rival Psychic News, the newspaper edited by
Maurice Barbanell in London. However, in 1960 the editorial
offices of the two periodicals were united, Two Worlds was transformed
into a monthly magazine, and Barbanell edited both
until his death in 1981. Tony Ortzen is the current editor. Address
7 The Leather Market, Weston St., London, SE1 3ER
England. Website
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Two Worlds.
March 8, 2000.