U.S. Psychotronics Association
Founded in 1975 for persons interested in the study of psychotronics,
‘‘the science of mind-body-environment relationships,
concerned with the interactions of matter, energy and
consciousness,’’ psychic phenomena, free energy systems, radionics,
and alternative health methodologies.
It provides a forum for the exchange of current research developments
in psychotronics; seeks to maintain high standards
of ethical, humanitarian, and scientific practices in the study
and application of psychotronics; promotes standardization in
investigation, testing, reporting, and evaluation of psychotronics;
and preserves the history of the field.
The association promotes continuing education and training
of members, presents members’ views to the government,
the public and other organizations, bestows research awards,
and makes available cassette recordings of conference lectures.
Research areas include anti-gravity, agri-radionics, free energy,
psychic detectors, psychic instrumentation (hardware
types), radionics, and tesla waves. It publishes a quarterly newsletter
and can be contacted at PO Box 45, Elkhorn, WI 53121.
Website httpwww.elknet.netuspa.