UFO Magazine
UFO Magazine, the primary English-language UFO newsstand
periodical as the twenty-first century begins, was founded
in 1985 as a quarterly California UFO periodical, but quickly
moved to national prominence as the abduction phenomenon
renewed public interest in extraterrestrial explanations of
UFOs. Editor Vicki Ecker also demonstrated both a knowledge
of the field and a genuine interest in reporting the news. Several
other newsstand periodicals, since defunct, played to outlandish
and sensational accounts of UFOs and contactees, and
were not above fabricating stories to fill space. The magazine
has adopted an objective approach that is nevertheless sympathetic
to the ufological enterprise.
Each issue of UFO Magazine is built around a half-dozen or
more feature articles that highlight spectacular sightings, interview
celebrities concerning their views on UFOs, focus on issues
of government involvement in (and cover-up of) UFO research,
debate controversies within the ufological community, and inform
readers on various related topics such as time travel or
conspiracy theories. The magazine covers more prominent
UFO conventions, especially those on America’s West Coast,
and provides a synopsis of presentations and pictures of participants.
Regular columns review new UFO books, highlight
prominent websites, and provide contact information on UFO
In the late 1990s, the magazine launched its own website at
httpwww.ufomag.com. It provides space for timely items of
interest, guest opinions, an archive of past articles from the
magazine, and editorials by Ecker, her husband Don Ecker, the
magazine’s research director, and publisher William J. Birnes.
Also, Peter Robbins continues his timely surveys of other UFOrelated
websites in a regular page on the UFO Magazine website.
UFO Magazine may be contacted at 5455 Centinela Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90066.
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