Uhland, Ludwig (1787–1862)
Famous German poet who figured posthumously in an interesting
lawsuit in Berlin over ownership of a holograph
parchment apport obtained in a séance with Else Arnheim in
1920. The medium, in trance, described the presence of Ludwig
Uhland. There appeared in her hands, which were tightly
clasped by a well-known German author, a yellowed piece of
parchment with two short verses scrawled on it, signed ‘‘Uhland,
The handwriting was pronounced identical to that of Uhland’s,
the parchment was of his era, and the verses were in
genuine Uhland style. A clairvoyant, to whom Uhland’s handwriting
and the parchment were shown, declared after touching
both papers that they were written by the same hand but
that a long interval had elapsed between the writing of them.
The German author whose hand had encircled the medium’s
when the parchment appeared claimed the paper. Since
witnesses stated that it had been thrust into the medium’s hand,
the court decided that the parchment belonged to the medium.

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