United Spiritualist Church
The United Spiritualist Church was founded in 1967 by Rev.
Floyd Humble, Edwin Potter, and Howard Mangan. Humble
had earlier served a variety of independent Spiritualist congregations.
The church affirms belief in Spiritualism and mediumship,
both spiritual and physical, and the example of Jesus
as a teacher, healer, and prophet. Humans are immortal and
will bring the kingdom of God to Earth as they develop their
spiritual sides.
The United Spiritualist Church differs from most Spiritualist
churches by its development of a centralized form of government.
Most Spiritualists have been organized into very loose
fellowships of autonomous congregations. The United Church
is headed by a presidency consisting of a president, first adviser-secretary,
and second adviser-treasurer. They oversee the
board of governors, which in turn guides the boards of publication,
education, and church extension and missions. The board
of governors is elected by the general conference. The church
publishes a periodical, the Spiritual Outlook. Address 813 W.
165th Pl., Gardena, CA 90247.
Humble, Floyd. Bible Lessons. Gardena, Calif. United Spiritualist
Church, 1969.