Urban, Hubert Josef (1904– )
Professor of neuropsychiatry who investigated areas of parapsychology.
He was born on June 4, 1904, in Linz, Austria. He
studied at the University of Vienna (B.A., 1923; M.D., 1929).
He pursued post-graduate studies at several locations and in
1938 became a professor of neuropsychiatry at the University
of Innsbruck, Austria. Urban took special interest in telepathy,
clairvoyance, and mediumship as related to psychiatry, and
studied the question of extrasensory ability before and after
shock treatment or narcoanalysis. Between 1948 and 1958, he
made visits to India to conduct field work in psychiatry, which
allowed observation and research on spontaneous psi phenomena.
He published articles on connections between psi, psychiatry,
and medicine in various journals.
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