Van de Castle, Robert L(eon) (1927– )
Clinical psychologist and parapsychologist. He was born on
November 16, 1927, at Rochester, New York, and studied at
Syracuse University (B.A., 1951), the University of Missouri
(M.A., 1953), and the University of North Carolina (Ph.D.,
1959). While in North Carolina he was a research associate at
the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University (1954–55).
Following graduation in 1959 he joined the faculty in psychology
at the University of Denver where he remained until he became
the director of the Sleep and Dream Laboratory at the
University of Virginia in 1967. He is now a psychologist at the
Blue Ridge Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia.
While in Denver he did research with members of the Cuna
tribe as part of research on whether people from a nontechnological
society would score significantly on ESP tests. He
went on to conduct dream research with Calvin Itall at the Institute
of Dream Research in Miami, publishing a joint work The
Content Analysis of Dreams (1966). He also studied personality
correlates in extrasensory perception and psychokinesis, and
conducted experiments relating psychological tests to extrasensory
ability, on grants from the Parapsychology Foundation.
He was a charter member of the Parapsychological Association,
since 1969 a council member, and was elected its president
in 1970.
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