Van Eeden, Frederik (1860–1932)
Dutch physician, author, and poet, who was also actively interested
in psychiatry and psychical research and was acquainted
with Frederic William Henry Myers. He conducted important
research with the non-professional British medium Rosina
Thompson and also made valuable contributions to the study
of dreams. He coined the term ‘‘lucid dreams’’ to denote
dreams in which the sleeper is aware of dreaming, i.e., some
degree of waking consciousness persists in the dream state,
often a preliminary to out-of-the-body (OOB) experiences. He
appears to have had some OOB experience himself, since he
described it in one of his novels (The Bride of Dreams, 1918). He
also obtained cross-correspondences between his own dreams
and the trance utterances of ‘‘Nelly,’’ Thompson’s control,
while Van Eeden was in Holland and Thompson in England.
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