Van Tassel, George W. (1910–1978)
Early flying saucer contactee and author of the pioneering
flying saucer volume I Rode in a Flying Saucer (1952). As people
responded to his claims of extraterrestrial contact and other
contactees emerged, Van Tassel organized the Giant Rock
Space Convention, held annually at Giant Rock Airport, near
Yucca Valley, California. Van Tassel was proprietor of the airport
and had some background in aeronautics.
Van Tassel was born on March 11, 1910, in Jefferson, Ohio.
He went into aviation as a young man and worked for both
Howard Hughes and Lockheed. He moved to the desert in
1947 where he opened a restaurant, an airport, and a dude
ranch. In 1952 he began to receive psychic messages from extraterrestrials,
primarily from a group of people who made up
what was called the Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Command
operated very much like the Masters of theosophical traditions,
but were seen as authorities in this solar system.
Over the years Van Tassel claimed to have continued contact
with the Ashtar Command telepathically. He often went
into a trance in his circle of friends and communicated messages
allegedly from UFO entities. Such communications were
published in his journal, Proceedings of the College of Universal
Wisdom, and became the basis for future books.
He constructed a round domed building called an ‘‘Integraton’’
at Giant Rock, based on instructions from his outer space
contacts. The Integraton was designed to assist the development
of antigravity and time travel. The Integraton was never
Van Tassel also published Into this World and Out Again; a
modern proof of the origin of humanity and its retrogression from the
original creation of man. Verified by the Holy Bible. Revelations received
through thought communication (1956).
Van Tassel died February 9, 1978, after a sudden heart attack.
The work of completing the Integraton was continued by
an associate designated as successor by Van Tassel in 1977 and
the building was later purchased by the Christology Church,
P.O. Box 4648, San Diego, CA 92104. The work of his College
of Universal Wisdom was continued by Van Tassel’s widow,
Doris Van Tassell.
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