Verrall, Arthur Woollgar (1851–1912)
Classical scholar, husband of the psychical researcher and
medium Margaret de Gaudrion Verrall, and father of Helen
Verrall Salter, the wife of W. H. Salter. After his death he was
one of the purported communicators in the famous ‘‘crosscorrespondence’’
tests of the Society for Psychical Research,
London, in which wife and daughter participated by producing
automatic scripts.
Verrall was born on February 5, 1851, in Brighton, England.
He studied at Wellington College and Trinity College, Cambridge
University, (B.A., 1873; M.A., 1874). He lectured at
Trinity, where he became First King Edward VII Professor of
English Literature in 1911. He died June 18, 1912.