Vision Magazine
Vision Magazine, self-described as a ‘‘Catalyst for Conscious
Living,’’ is a New Age networking tabloid serving San Diego
and the surrounding counties in Southern California. Similar
to other networking magazines, it attempts to keep readers informed
of events and services in the constantly changing postNew
Age scene. It seeks to offer a model for a more conscious,
peaceful, and healthful world.
Each issue carries a series of short articles that highlight individuals
and groups who are active in San Diego or who are
visiting the area to put on special programming. Articles are
organized so as to present the spectrum of reader interest from
natural health to astrology and food. There are also one or two
feature articles, often interviews conducted by one of the editors
with leading figures in the national metaphysical or holistic
health world.
Vision Magazine functions as a means for New Age practitioners
to reach potential clients, and each issue devotes a significant
amount of space to advertisements that inform readers
where they may contact an astrologer, a meditation teacher, a
hypnotist, a qigong teacher, or a spiritual community. Ads are
selected from those organizations deemed to provide tools that
are inspirational, solve problems, and provide dialogue on
health, the environment, and the future course of society. The
bulk of the ads are grouped into a ‘‘Monthly Calendar’’ and a
‘‘Community Resource Directory.’’ The advertising supports
the magazine, which is distributed freely throughout Southern
Vision Magazine began in 1994 and is published monthly
from its headquarters at 4452 Park Blvd., Ste. 211, San Diego,
CA 92116. It is edited by Sydney Murray and Kendall Klug. Vision
Magazine has also extended itself into the Internet with a
site found at Unlike most
similar sites, however, Vision’s editors have moved to transform
their Internet presence into an extension of the networking
services offered by the magazine rather than simply an Internet
description of the magazine.
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