Walker, Roland (1907–1993)
Professor of biology who wrote on parapsychology. Walker
was born on February 8, 1907, at Stellenbosch, South Africa.
He studied at Oberlin College, Ohio (B.A., 1928; M.A., 1929)
and Yale University (Ph.D., 1934). Following his graduation he
began a long tenure in the biology department at Rennselaer
Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. Walker developed a side
interest in parapsychology and operated from a critical perspective.
The primary product of that interest was an essay critical
of fellow biologist J. B. Rhine’s understanding of extrasensory
perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK). He died July
30, 1993.
Walker, Roland. ‘‘Parapsychology and Dualism.’’ Scientific
Monthly (July 1954).