Walther, Gerda (1897–1977)
Psychical researcher and author. She was born on March 18,
1897, at Nordrach-Colonie, Baden, Germany. As a child she
discovered she could communicate telepathically with both the
living and the dead. She studied at Ludwig Maximilians University,
Munich, Germany (Ph.D. summa cum laude, 1921).
In 1927, she became scientific secretary to Baron Albert von
Schrenck-Notzing, the German psychic researcher, and assisted
his investigations of the mediums Willi and Rudi Schneider.
After Schrenck-Notzing’s death, she edited his manuscripts
for publication. She continued her contributions to the
field over the years by writing numerous reviews of European
books on psychical research for English-language journals.
During 1941 in Germany, her research in parapsychology resulted
in a short period of imprisonment under the Hitler regime.
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