Washington Research Center and
Parapsychology Group
The Washington Research Center and Parapsychology
Group was founded in 1982 by Russian-American parapsychologist
Larissa Vilenskaya (b. 1948). Vilenskaya had been involved
in parapsychological research throughout the 1970s at
the Research Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology
of the USSR Academy of Sciences. She moved to the United
States in 1981. The center published a journal, Psi Research,
which made an effort at informing an English-speaking audience
of research being conducted in Russia, Eastern Europe,
and China.
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Washington Research Center and . . .
The center also became identified with the firewalking
movement. Vilenskaya became interested in firewalking and
conducted numerous events teaching attendees to experiment
with the practice. Last known address 484B Washington St.
#317, San Francisco, CA 93940.

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