Weiser Bookshop
Occult bookstore in the United States through most of the
twentieth century, the New York equivalent of London’s Watkins
Book Shop or Atlantis Bookshop, patronized by occultists
and students of the occult. Weiser’s was located at 117 4th Ave.,
then in a large rambling store at 845 Broadway, and in the
1960s it moved to 740 Broadway. Founded by Samuel Weiser,
it was taken over by his son Donald in the 1960s. The store has
in each of its locations been known for its large antiquarian occult
stock as well as a comprehensive selection of new volumes.
Its regular catalogs, issued through the 1950s, of new and old
occult books have since become useful bibliographical records.
In the 1980s the store moved again, this time to 132 E. 24th
St. (between Park Avenue and Lexington), New York, NY
10010. It slowly adapted to New Age emphases and responded
to the competition supplied by the emergence of many esoteric
bookstores both in New York and around the country. It was
one of the more significant retail specialty shops in North
In April 1984, Donald Weiser and Henry Suzuki of Samuel
Weiser, Inc., became directors (with Valerie Chris, England) of
the famous Watkins Book Shop in Cecil Court, Charing Cross
Road, London. Samuel Weisers, Inc. is an affiliated publishing
company specializing in occult titles. The bookshop is now