Weiss, Claude J. (1941– )
Claude J. Weiss, a prominent Swiss astrologer, was born on
May 6, 1941, in Basel, Switzerland. He attended the Swiss Institute
of Technology, where he earned an engineering degree
with a specialization in agronomy. He later spent two years in
India, and during his stay, in 1967, was introduced to astrology.
He studied astrology over the next decade and became a
full-time professional in 1977. The following year he created
Astrodata, a calculation and interpretation service for astrological
delineations that is now the largest in Continental Europe.
He continues to serve as its president.
Weiss has emerged as one of the leading European voices
calling for the psychological interpretation of astrology, and he
has been a particular devotee of transactional analysis and Jungian
psychology. He has emphasized the role of free will and
individual choice in light of the insights of astrology. He authored
a widely used two-volume work on horoscope interpretation
and a specialized study of the effects of the planet Pluto.
Through the 1980s and 1990s, Weiss became a dominant
voice in the German-speaking astrological community. He is a
popular lecturer, has written a number of books, and edits a periodical,
Astrologie Heute. He has helped organize four world astrological
congresses and has served as president of the Swiss
Astrological Association. He has also become known as a master
of mundane astrology, the astrology that deals with the larger
political fates of people and nations. His office is in Wettswil,
near Zürich.
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