Weschcke, Carl Llewellyn (1930– )
Prominent American astrologer, occultist, publisher, and
owner-president of Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota,
originally founded as Llewellyn Publishing Company by
Llewellyn George in 1905 in Portland, Oregon. Weschcke was
born on September 10, 1930, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was
educated at the St. Paul Academy; the Babson Institute, Wellesley
Hills, Massachusetts; and the University of Minnesota.
He purchased the Llewellyn Publishing Company of Los
Angeles, California, in 1960 and moved the business to St.
Paul, Minnesota. For a number of years the Llewellyn enterprise
also included Gnostica, a large retail bookstore housed in
a 12,000-square-foot former mortuary in St. Paul. In addition
to publishing a number of popular occult books, Llewellyn also
issued Gnostica magazine (now superseded by Llewellyn’s New
Worlds of Mind and Spirit) and Astrology Now magazine (discontinued).
Among the company’s prominent publications are
the annual Moon Sign Book (established by Llewellyn George in
1905) and Daily Planetary Guide. It is now one of the largest
wholesale dealers in occult books and products in the United
Weschcke, Carl Llewellyn Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Weschcke was editor-in-chief of Gnostica magazine, and his
own writings included articles on lunar astrology, gardening,
tantra, and witchcraft. He is a practicing witch and has chaired
the Council of American Witches. In addition to many appearances
on radio and television interview programs, he was responsible
for a half-hour commercial television program on
Halloween and prepared a videotape on witchcraft for the University
of Wisconsin.
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