Westwood, Horace (1884–1956)
Unitarian minister who wrote on parapsychology. He was
born on August 17, 1884, at Wakefield, England. He became
an ordained minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church in
1906 and pastored at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (1906–08).
Then in 1910 he joined the Unitarian Church and was pastor
successively at the First Unitarian Church, Youngstown, Ohio
(1910–12); All Soul’s Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(1912–19); and First Church, Toledo, Ohio (1919–27). He was
minister at large for the Unitarian Church (1927–33) and for
the First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, California (1934–45).
He studied psychic research for a number of years and described
his personal attitudes in his book There Is a Psychic World
(1949). He died December 24, 1956.
Westwood, Horace. Apostle of Darkness and Prophet of Light.
N.p., 1939.
———. This Do and Live. N.p., 1938.