White Dove’s Message
White Dove’s Message is a quarterly magazine that features the
channeled messages of Zavena White Dove, the name adopted
by a medium now residing in Wichita, Kansas. The name White
Dove was given to her as a child by angelic beings she came to
know as her playmates. The little angels told her they were
from Gabriel, her guardian angel. They also prophesied that
she would one day become a messenger of the Spirit and would
experience three confirmatory events that would designate the
time that she was to start using her ‘‘rightful’’ name. Two of
these events occurred in the late 1980s when she received messages
from two Native American guides, one an Apache and
one a Cheyenne. The third occurred two years later in a vision
of the Indian hierarchy that confirmed the time had come.
Since that time she has been known as White Dove. An associated
near-death experience confirmed that she had a special mission
to fulfill.
In 1997, she was given the additional name Zavena during
an initiation ceremony where it was revealed that she was now
a Cosmic Inter-galactic Server. She began using her full name
on September 21, 1997. She brings messages from a spectrum
of beings including her Native American guide, Silver Eagle, a
light being, Firefly, and ascended master Kuthumi. She is also
a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki healing.
White Dove’s Message was launched in 1993 as a monthly, but
in 1999 became a quarterly publication. At about the same
time, White Dove began her Internet presence and posts a daily
message for interested readers. The Internet site is at http
www.whitedovemsg.com. Much of the emphasis in White
Dove’s communication concerns the handling of the ongoing
and even accelerated changes in the lives of people involved in
the post-New Age spiritual community.
White Dove’s Message may be contacted at P.O. Box 781792,
Wichita, KS 67278-1792.
White Dove’s Message. httpwww.whitedovemsg.com.
June 10, 2000.