White, Rhea A(melia) (1931– )
Prominent American parapsychologist. Born May 6, 1931,
in Utica, New York, she studied at Pennsylvania State University
(B.A., 1953). After graduation she spent four years as a research
fellow at the Parapsychology Laboratory, Duke University
(1958), became a research assistant at the Foundation for
Integral Research (1959), and worked as a research and editorial
associate at the American Society for Psychical Research
She was a charter member of the Parapsychological Association
and held the offices of secretary (1958, 1962), council
member (1958, 1960–63), and president (1984). She was the director
of information of the American Society for Psychical Research
beginning in 1965. She published a series of bibliographical
articles for the successive editions of Advances in
Parapsychological Research, and was editor of the Parapsychological
Association’s Research in Parapsychology from
1981–1985. She also edited Theta for the Psychical Research
Foundation from 1981–1986. Her background in library science
led to the first of a series of bibliographical publications
with her 1973 Parapsychology Sources of Information.
In 1981 she founded the Parapsychology Sources of Information
Center, an organization with bibliographical control
over the vast and ever-growing body of parapsychological and
related material. The Psi-Line Database System was the first
computerized database of the literature on psychical research
and parapsychology. The center publishes Parapsychology Abstracts
International, providing brief summaries of periodical literature
from English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German,
French, Polish, Japanese, and Russian researchers. The
center’s other important publications include bibliographies
on specific paranormal topics and reading lists for students, the
general public, and specialists. In 1992 White published Parapsychology
New Sources of Information and in 1994, with Michael
Murphy, she wrote In the Zone Transcendent Experience in Sports.
White also has direct involvement in parapsychological research,
and quite apart form her bibliographical work, she has
published on a wide variety of topics. Address EHE Network,
414 Rockledge Rd., New Bern, NC 28562. Website http
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