Whittlesey, John R. B. (1927– )
Data processing analyst who experimented in areas of parapsychology.
He was born on July 21, 1927, in Los Angeles, California.
He studied at the California Institute of Technology
(B.S. physics, 1948; M.S. astronomy, 1950), the University of
North Carolina (1951–54), and the Graduate School of Religion,
University of Southern California (1960–61). He served
with the United States Army (1954–56) and then joined the faculty
at the University of California at Los Angeles as a data analyst
in 1957.
Whittlesey has taken a special interest in computer statistics
and probability as related to ESP and ESP in its relationship to
religion and mystical experience. He designed an experiment
in the use of the chemical LSD and analyzed data in its relation
to extrasensory perception, working with several psychiatrists.
He also designed and built an electronic device for experimental
testing of precognition, using non-verbal responses from
subjects influenced by drugs. He is coauthor of various papers
on LSD experiences read before the American Psychiatric Association
and the California State Psychological Association.
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