Whymant, (A.) Neville (John) (1894– )
Author and editor who investigated the phenomena of the
medium George Valiantine. He was born on September 4,
1894, at Rothwell, England, and studied at Oxford University
(Ph.D.). After World War I he served as a professor of Oriental
literature and philosophy at the Universities of Tokyo and Peking.
He became an editor and journalist in 1926 and eventually
became editor of The Indian Nation in the 1930s. He was advisor
to the embassy of the Republic of China in London from
1947 to 1950.
In addition to various books on China and the Chinese, he
published Psychical Research in China (1925), dealing with sand
painting and ‘‘ghost photographs,’’ and Psychic Adventures in
New York (1928). Whymant was present at séances with the medium
George Valiantine, who produced messages in ancient
Chinese languages. A report of the phenomena was published
in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research
(April 1928).
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