Wickland, Carl August (1861–1945)
Physician, psychiatrist, and Spiritualist who spent more than
three decades researching and experimenting with the application
of Spiritualist techniques to assist those suffering from
mental illnesses. Wickland was born on February 14, 1861, in
Leiden, Sweden. He qualified as a physician at Dunham Medical
College, Chicago, Illinois, later becoming a medical advisor
for the National Psychological Institute, Los Angeles.
He claimed that discarnate spirits caused some phases of
mental illness in the living, and his book Thirty Years Among the
Dead (1924) reports his experiences. Using the services of his
wife as a medium, he operated what amounted to a rescue circle
dealing with what Spiritualists describe as earth-bound entities
who attach themselves to unsuspecting individuals. Their
work in diagnosing and treating mental patients believed to be
possessed by spirit entities had much in common with that of
Titus Bull. Mrs. Wickland died in March 1937; Carl Wickland
died November 13, 1945.