Williams, Bessie
Late nineteenth-century British clairvoyant, trance and
healing medium, later also known under her married names as
Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Russell Davies. Her spirit control,
‘‘Dewdrop,’’ claimed to be a Native American girl and played
all the tricks of a mischievous secondary personality on the medium,
such as controlling her in an omnibus and talking loudly
in a foreign language until the other passengers thought that
they were riding with a lunatic.
For a long time, Williams assisted a well-known spiritualist
healer known as Dr. Mack in diagnosing medical conditions.
She gave her services free. As she took on all the symptoms of
the illnesses diagnosed, her failing health compelled her, after
a while, to give up this pursuit. W. T. Stead thought highly of
the medium’s powers and included articles by her on the subject
of haunted houses in his journal Borderland.
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