Wilson, Graham (1940– )
New consciousness entrepreneur who organized the international
annual Mind-Body-Spirit Festivals held in England
in the 1970s. Born in Yorkshire, England, he spent his preschool
years on a farm. After World War II his family returned
to London, where Wilson attended Wandsworth Grammar
School, studying advanced level zoology and botany and investigating
the writing of Rudolph Steiner and other occult mystics
in his spare time. He was also active in sports and became
a London Youth Athletics champion for the half-mile and cross
country events at the age of 18. He played rugby and soccer as
well as squash, and he took a great interest in the ‘‘peak’’ experiences
of athletes.
After a varied business career, Wilson teamed up with Terry
Ellis in 1976 to hire an exhibition hall in London and present
the first Festival for Mind and Body, drawing upon his own
knowledge of mystical and spiritual philosophies and athletic
experiences. He put all his own money into the venture, which
was presented in April 1977 in London. It was a success and led
to successive annual festivals in Britain, Australia, and the United
States. He later launched the UK’s first Psychics and Mystics
Fayres and the UK’s first holistic health clinic, the London Natural
Health Clinic.
In organizing these festivals, Wilson and his associates provided
a regular focal point for New Age and mystical activities,
and he himself believes that ‘‘you can use the best of the commercial
world to allow in a spiritual flow in such a way that the
final product has quality and integrity.’’