World Congress of Faiths
Interfaith organization founded in 1936 by British explorer,
soldier, and mystic Sir Francis Younghusband (1863–1942).
The congress is dedicated to the work of reconciliation between
different world faiths and the removal of intolerance and exclusivism,
to ‘‘. . . instill a spirit of fellowship among mankind
through religion, and . . . to revitalise all that is highest in man’s
spiritual being.’’
The congress combines dissemination of knowledge of
world religions with the building of friendly relationships between
them. It encourages interreligious understanding
through personal contacts and frank dialogue and believes that
all great religions have much to learn from each other.
The congress arranges lectures, debates, visits to religious
centers, ‘‘All Faith Services,’’ and annual conferences. Speakers
from different faiths give talks at schools and colleges. A journal,
World Faiths Encounter, includes news of activities, book reviews,
and articles of religious interest, and a newsletter, One
Family, is published regularly. Although there are branches in
Kent, Bath, and Bristol, the congress headquarters are located
at 2 Market St., Oxford OX1 3EF England. Website http
World Congress of Faiths.
wcf. March 8, 2000.