World Goodwill
An organization founded in 1932 to apply the teachings of
former Theosophist Alice A. Bailey (1880–1949) in the social
context, specifically to improve human relations in the world.
Bailey founded the Arcane School to propagate the theosophical
teachings that came through her channelings from the Tibetan
Master. World Goodwill extends the work of the Arcane
School by mobilizing the constructive power of goodwill in society
to dealing with problems throughout the world.
The organization supports the work of the United Nations
and is recognized as an accredited nongovernmental organization.
As such, it provides advice and assistance to individuals
and groups concerned with world service projects. One of its
activities has been the formation of triangles, a linkage of individuals
who employ constructive thought in a daily meditation
of groups of three, invoking ‘‘the energies of light and goodwill’’
in a ‘‘network of light.’’
The energies are visualized as circulating through three
points of a triangle, connecting with other triangles. This network
carries the ‘‘great invocation’’ or universal prayer, forming
‘‘a channel for the downpouring of light and love into the
body of humanity.’’
World Goodwill is associated with Lucis Trust, which is located
at 120 Wall St., 24th Fl., New York, NY 10005. It also has
subsidiary offices at 3 Whitehall Ct., Ste. 54, London SW1A
2EF, England, and also in Geneva. Website http
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