Worlds Beyond (Fund)
A special appeal fund of the National Spiritualist Association
of Churches to promote knowledge of Spiritualism on
radio and television. Formerly titled ‘‘Satellite Séances,’’ this
fund is based upon the idea that mass media provides
‘‘. . . an opportunity to show to the world the true facts about
‘life after death’ and ‘communication.’ Even now, many outside
organizations are stimulating their forces to counter-censor or
attempt to head off these facts. . . . Those in spirit are anxious
for us to open wide the door between the two worlds of life. All
we have to do is present the facts in the true light. . . . The time
is now for unification of world Spiritualism. The time is now for
Spiritualists to step forward confidently and face the 21st century.
The time is now for Worlds Beyond. Once these programs
are on the air they can attract the support they need to continue
through direct appeals to viewers.’’
The NSAC Worlds Beyond fund can be contacted at P.O.
Box 128, Cassadaga, FL 32706.

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