Zedekias (fl. ninth century C.E.)
Said to have been a Jewish physician of the ninth century
who was in great favor with the Emperor Charles the Bald.
Zedekias had a reputation as a Kabbalist and wizard and was
said to have eaten a whole load of hay, together with the driver
and horses, in the presence of the emperor’s court. On another
occasion he supposedly flew around in the air.
Zain, C. C. Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Zedekias was mentioned by the Abbé de Montfaucon de
Villars in his book Comte de Gabalis (1670). According to de Villars,
Zedekias was anxious to show the world that elementary
spirits really existed and advised the sylphs to show themselves
in the air to everyone
‘‘These beings were seen in the Air in human form, sometimes
in battle array marching in good order, halting under
arms, or encamped beneath magnificent tents. Sometimes on
wonderfully constructed aerial ships, whose flying squadrons
roved at the will of the Zephyrs. What happened . . . The people
straightway believed that sorcerers had taken possession of
the Air for the purpose of raising tempests and bringing hail
upon their crops. . . . The Emperors believed it as well; and this
ridiculous chimera went so far that the wise Charlemagne, and
after him Louis the Débonnaire, imposed grievous penalties
upon all these supposed Tyrants of the Air. You may see an account
of this in the first chapter of the Capitularies of these two

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