Zen Studies Society
American lay organization for the study of traditional Zen
meditation inspired by the presence of D. T. Suzuki in New
York City in 1956. Upon the death of its founder Clifton Cane
in 1962, it became inactive for a few years but was reactivated
when some of the students met Eido Tai Shimano, a Zen master
who agreed to move to New York and lead the work. Emphasis
in the reorganized society shifted from study to practice, and
branches soon developed in Philadelphia and Washington,
Associated with the society is the Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongoji,
in the Catskill Mountains, that is open to lay people for fulltime
Zen practice with daily meditation, study, work, and community
life. The society publishes The Newsletter of the Zen
Studies Society, a semi-annual newsletter and writings of Shimano.
The society can be contacted at HCR 1 Box 171, Livingston
Manor, NY 12758-9402. Website: http://
Shimano, Eido. Golden Wind. Tokyo: Japan Publications,
Shimano, Eido, ed. Like a Dream, Like a Fantasy. Tokyo:
Japan Publications, 1978.
The Zen Studies Society. http://www.zenstudies.org/. March
8, 2000.

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