Zetetic Scholar
A journal of academic research into occultism, cryptozoology,
and related fields founded by Marcello Truzzi of the
Department of Sociology at Eastern Michigan University. Originally
titled Explorations, the title was changed after the second
volume to avoid confusion with the Explorations Institute in
Berkeley, California.
‘‘Zetetic’’ derives from the Greek philosophical school of
Pyrrho (365–275 B.C.E.) and indicates extreme skepticism. Zetetic
Journal circulated to serious academics researching occultism
and to organizations and individuals in the field. It contained
critical notes and news of current events and personalities in
occultism, a who’s who in occult research, and valuable lists of
books and articles in the fields of occultism and parapsychology.
The Zetetic was given to the Committee for the Scientific
Investigation of the Claims of the Paranormal. However, in
1977 Truzzi had a disagreement with the committee leadership
over their handling of a research project in which false data was
published in an attempt to refute astrology.
Truzzi disassociated himself from the committee and announced
publication of Zetetic Scholar as an independent scientific
review. The first issue appeared in 1978. In the meantime,
beginning with the FallWinter issue, the committee continued
its journal under a new name, The Skeptical Inquirer. Truzzi continued
the Zetetic Scholar through the 1980s, some 15 issues appearing.
The Skeptical Inquirer continues as the organ of the
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the

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